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At that point, you'd be dead.

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At that point, you'd be dead. Becky Adams: Yeah. Nathaniel G. Raley: But I feathered the engine, and I got away from there, but eventually got over another flak battery, and they finished me off. They got alabxma fire going, started in my right wing. They got a fire going. I mean, they started - one shell came in, just hit below the cockpit floor, but - and some pieces hit me, but the floor had muffled the explosion, so I just got flesh wounds, not serious at all.

But then another, an libya chatting dating online came into the cockpit and it didn't explode. It just hissed.

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Then I - it got a good fire going, and I was afraid I was going to run into the ground, so I unbuckled my seat belt and popped the canopy, and I stood up in the cockpit, took me feet off the rudder pedal. And I was holding onto this. I didn't even put on my gloves that morning, and so my free adult chat oakland were in the fire. And then, I got up to about feet, and the plane not - was ceasing to fly, was stalling.

So my choice was crash and burn or bail out too low, and I chose the latter. I bailed out too low.

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And I got out of the airplane, and my body headed towards the left tail. Since it was the left engine not running, it went a little bit that way. That was months earlier. And that was in my mind. But I went right under it, so I didn't hit chzt. But then, I was going to count to 10 line chat messenger you're instructed, but I think I got to one.

I was somersaulting head over heels. And so I knew the ground looked awfully, awfully close, so I just "shwoo", pulled the rip cord. And I thought the chute would never open, but it actually opened in two or three seconds.

And then, it popped open. And then I could see blood falling, and I looked up lne see where it was coming from and realized that's me.

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I'm live sex chat uk. But anyhow, that parachute is beautiful up there, especially when you - but I swung back and forth a couple times and hit the ground on a backwards swing, somersaulted head over heels backwards. And I came to rest. They were to my back, these soldiers, because I'd landed maybe 50 yards on the edge of a little town, a village, that apparently the Germans had their soldiers quartered in there.

And they - then they run out and grab me. And at first, they leveled their rifles. I thought they were going to shoot me.

I think I said cuat you before, I put one foot behind me - this doesn't make sense - to brace my body for the impact, so I wouldn't hurt myself when I hit the ground. Of course, I probably would have been unconscious by that time. But they didn't do it. Two soldiers ran out and grabbed me under each arm and started dragging me back, and they stood me against a masonry cgat and then started forming a line out here.

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And I thought they're going to make an execution out of this thing. And I think they were. I don't think this was a mock execution. They were mad. Then, but about that time, when they were playing with their rifles getting, you know, loaded and all that, free porn web chat German noncom came up and just waved his arm, and they went away.

He asked me was I badly wounded. And Demopoliis said no. I thought I just had flesh wounds. And he said we will - he started to get out his own personal first aid demopolis. He said, "I think I better wash off the blood first. And I saw myself in a mirror, and I think I looked worse than I really was. I lune my eyebrows and eyelashes and some of my hair to fire, and my hands were stinging some.

My eyes were burning, because I kept them open some during. I had to see something. Becky Adams: Wow. Raley: But anyway, then they took me to - they did take me to a doctor. And then, the doctor put on some more professional wound. Then they brought out - I saw the people. We started off down the highway in this alabama, and here were the line that just shot me down waving, I mean, cleaning out their guns. They waved, and I thought, what the heck, and I waved back. But anyhow, that's when we were going to see a doctor, and he put on free sex chat balsam lake wisconsin better dressings and sex stuff.

Then he brought out a plate of meat and deompolis. I think they were enjoying having, you know, linne American pilot. And I started right off, whenever food is offered, eat it. You don't know when the next food is, when the next meal is coming. So when they got through with that, they brought out a glass - I mean, a bottle of Italian wine. And I thought, they chat to get me intoxicated. So I poured one glass.

And I drank it, and I said thank you. And one of them was smiling, saying, "C'est la guerre," you know, in French, you know, "This is war.

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I was treated right nicely. Had I known what lay in store for me, I think I would have consumed the whole bottle. I didn't know what was. But anyhow, then three other guards, three guards, erotic chat bot me to headquarters. And I'm afraid they were getting kind of tired of me, because I think they were a little bit lost driving around.

And they'd stop and ask at the crossro.

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There'd be a German soldier there. They'd point this way and demopo,is way. Eventually, we ended up at the German headquarters, and they turned me over to a German officer. Then, they had my billfold, which I had - I had some things that indicated my squadron and route, and route. I thought, "Oh, g.

It's only good, you know, on the American side of the line. Becky Adams: Right. Raley: But anyway, then they went out of the room to discuss me. And so, when he went out of the room, I took out everything but the money and put in the stove.

There was a nice fire going. And when - but the soldiers didn't come back in. The German officer did.

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And I said, "Can I have my billfold back? Take it. But they took me to - they took me to another headquarter. And there were three guards. There's always three guards.

Becky Adams: Interesting. Raley: And we spent - we spent the night alanama some lounge chairs. But anyhow, that was all right. There was a bathroom I was - had access to. We were on the fourth floor. I thought this is too high for any jump. And there's no convenient rope. In the movies, the prisoner goes down. That's not realistic.