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Poetry chats

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The Poetry Previews' Chat Room, accessible through the link below, will be the location of our monthly online book group.

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Poetry and math have a lot in common.

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Stanzas are made up of a of lines, and lines are made up of a of syllables. There are shapes in math and in concrete poetry. Counting out loud and reciting a poem both have rhythmic appeal. The seven poems in this collection explore primary math concepts.

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The dragons are all different sizes, colours and patterns. Cat treats are in the shape of mice, goldfish and sardines.

Bright, detailed s invite closer inspection. The breezy, fun poems make a good attempt at presenting math in an accessible manner.

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Crocs, Acrostics ppetry Math. Avis Harley discusses African wildlife in a new and markedly different format. Math and poetry may seem like strange bedfellows, but the two converge in aRHYTHMetic, a clever collection of seven rhyming poems which introduce basic mathematical concepts.

This rhythmic response continues until they reach the last line of the poem which they read together. Using the skills of counting, estimation, and multiplication, she comes up with an answer. Like Stone, Kari-Lynn Winters has penned three selections. The of creatures increases by tens until there are of them. This lighthearted collection offers a subtle and innovative way to turn -loving kids onto poetry and poetry-loving kids onto s.

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Youngsters will delight that animals, a perennial favourite, appear in five of the seven poems. Here, Heidbreder hosts a rhyming croc-o-block celebration of sports.

His seven poems double as riddles as they each describe a sport without naming what it is. You and your co-authors certainly know how to reach the minds of young chlildren in such a creative and fascinating way.

~ Poets of Lates

Not only does this book entertain, but it teaches. At first, I thought the content would primarily focus on arithmetic; however, I am so pleased fhats see an emphasis, as well, on higher level vocabulary.

Opetry can now use your book as a springboard to my lesson. I also will use your book when introducing ordinal s, skip counting by tens, and multiplying and dividing by ten. Thank you for your collective energy, your creative minds, and your infectious enthusiasm for children, reading, and learning. This list provided for the benefit of search engine mis-spellings.