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Hey, guys, I'm so excited to be expanding my store.

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Guest pass at hedo - 2

Hey, guys, I'm so excited to be expanding my store. This is one of my Newest Arrivals.

We have reserved 50 rooms, first come first serve. If message are thinking about attending make a reservation. They fill up quickly as they have wedding parties as well.

Please use the posted. My courage builds, though, with each furtive glimpse at the naked bodies around us, sprawled on bright blue beach chairs and striding with confidence over the sand, bits all a-flop.

Thre in This Forum

Nearly everyone here is decidedly imperfect, and nobody cares. Removing my top is easy; I hesitate more with meszage bottoms. Uh, yes. We go. Swimming in the ocean naked is a special kind of heaven. The sun sinks low in the sky, casting a golden glow over everything.

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I can see for miles, boats puttering by boarr the distance, palms swaying across the inlet. As the night rolls on, we attend a theme party.

It revives vaguely anxiety-inducing memories of frat parties past, but it's also fun to dance wearing nothing but two strips of cloth. Then we discover the Romping Shop, which is basically a grotto full of mattresses where bord can go and do your dirtiest in front of—or with—a bunch of strangers.

I return to it like an old friend. Soon after entering the pool, an earnest pair of somethings from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, start complimenting my tattoos. Eating tortilla chips soaked in liquid cheese naked on a Jamaican beach was one of those moments for me.

Later, we have sex in the ocean. An observation: While I feel no particular attraction to any of the other folks here, the whole place feels suffused with sexual energy.

Re: Guest pass at hedo

It crackles through the air like electricity, lighting every limb. I mean, Rob and I have been together nearly seven years. We fart openly and with impunity. We just adopted a pair of cats. Over the course of the weekend, we bang on the beachfront massage tables, in the romping shop, under hedonismm ceiling mirrors in our room, in the hot tub, in the pool, in the Playboy Mansion-esque grotto behind the pool, on a cabana in the pouring rain.

We try out my new Broad City-themed cock ring and admire our respective bods in the ceiling mirror v. The weekend rolls on. We gorge ourselves on an aphrodisiac-themed dinner served by hot ladies in glitter and bustiers on a candlelit dock. Rick Ross in We snorkel cop chat rooms a cave and cliff dive from a bar and take sexy booty pics on the beach.

I lose the Jerk-Off Competition like literally, I come in dead lastbut who cares? Hedonism II is nothing if not consistently on-brand. I like that. Everything that happens here happens for one purpose only: the pure and simple pursuit of pleasure.

But the shuttle has arrived. Hungover, cranky, and overdressed, we load in with the rest of the tourists, most of whom have been picked up from other all-inclusives around the island—I can tell by their tan lines.