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They didn't last long did they! Its up to rent again with blowers bro's i think. I always look at it when we go by i live on Hucknall Rd you see I encounter know how true all that is, it's just what i heard. Envounter, Sherwood Nottm March Sherwood My parents bought a house on Perry Rd, on the calverton side as the graveyard, but further up encountet i was 4 yrs old. On the day of our second viewing we the old lady that lived there allowed me and my older sister to look around. My sister went outside and i went upstairs.

On coming down the stairs i met a man, standing in the hallway doing his ironing. He had sext with stranger iron plugged into the light. We stood there talking for about 5 mins. My mum shouted me. I went into the living room where they all were, and told my mum of the conversation i'd just had with the man in the hallway. The calveerton lady selling the house looked shocked.

She said that her husband had died encounted thats why she was selling. They'd owned this house from new, and she was sad to go. Her husband always did his ironing in the hallway years ago. It must have been him i was talking to! My parents did buy the house and they are still there. When i was growing up i could hear footsteps walking along the carpet free, but my parents always said i was silly, imagining things!

I know i wasn't. I used to have recuring dreams about the man with his iron in his hand sounds funny now but wasn't at the time My dad used to get angry calverton i'd always chat to sleep in my mums bed. I was scared, this went on until i was about 16! Now chat they go away, i sometimes go and house-sit as they have a dog. I always have recuring dreams free that man when i'm in the house, and last time i stayed i saw a face of an old man on the tv, i shouted at my husband to turn it off, sncounter it wasn't even on!

The house has always had a creepy feel to it, though if the spirit is still there, he doesn't bother anyone. And it's only me who has the spooky things happen. But i know that the man is still there on Perry Road. A couple of female midnight phone chat things have occurred but there are two that stand out. The first occurred while I was taking a bath. It was about a.

I have a small dog that likes to lick the side of the tub and I often put water there for her. On this particular morning I did, as I do every morning, put water on the edge of the tub for her to lick off. After doing this I encounter my eyes so that I could rinse my hair.

Upon opening my eyes a small hand towel had been placed on the area in which I had just put water for the dog. Needless to say, I would have had to stand up and calverton over to the sink to get the hand towel so I know I didn't do it. And if my dog did free she apparently knows how to fold towels and would do me a chat service if she folded the rest of them in the dryer.

I very quick! The second noticeable act occured one night at live sex chat uk Me and my spouse were laying in bed and the alarm had been set for a. At approximately the alarm beeped two long tones and chat room for phones simultaneously the dogs two of them that were sleeping on the bed began to bark at the mirror. It scared us both pretty bad. I normally would have rationalized this as a power surge of some sort but the dogs were definately focused on the mirror and barking as if they had seen something.

I am not sure what is going on in this duplex but nothing has happened thus far that I cannot live paginas de chat gratuitas. Susie February school ghosts a teacher that had worked in my school for 30 or more years said that someone had fallen through the trap door, on the stage, and had died.

Well I definately met adult affair chat room dallas worsed phantom you would ever wish to meet Instead of politely asking us to leave, she let out a shriek that put the fear of god into us. How are we to find out about these spooks if we can't walk around at night without getting into trouble with the rudest, big-headed, pompous woman tantric message have ever met.

Gavin, notts February the church well this was probably the scariest thing that's ever happaened to me before, a few years ago i was camping besides the woods in a feild with my guide group, if anyone wanted the toilet or a shower then the washrooms would be at the top of the hill on the other side of the feild, one night my freind sharing my tent woke up and asked me 2 come with her across the feild to the toilet so i came with her, on the way there it was very cold and i felt very shakey, walking across the feild i tripped on free and decided to ignore it.

A baby cries in the upstairs flat. A Mediterranean-looking woman is often seen in different encounters of the pub, but mostly in the ladies' toilets. She dressed in black and smiles kindly at those she encounters. The final, and most notorious, is a young boy named Adam although how we know is name is a mystery! He is not a bad spirit, just a mischievous little boy! Anon, East Stoke, Notts January well it was about 6 years ago now,i was living with my parents and we had a pet giraffe called lulu.

One night i heard a knockin at the door,the time was 2 am and so i was amazed anyone was there,when i opened the door i was attacked by what seemed to be a ghostly figure of rolf harris. My husband was a scientist with a BSc and MSc to his name and he was the most disbelieving man when it came to the paranormal. His theory was "if it hasn't been proved scientifically, it doesn't exist! Calverton was most astonished about this and tried to come up chat a scientific reason why it had happened.

He wasn't on any medication and hadn't been drinking, and it was in the middle of the afternoon. He was forced to admit that there are things that ca't be proved after that! Anne, York January Old lady at Newstead Abbey I'm afraid that I do not have a picture but after reading about the Ghostly goings on at Newstead Abbey I feel compelled to tell you my little story.

I'm going back about ten years or so. Some friends and I had been out clubbing in Mansfield town centre and being as I had been given my brothers car for the evening we decided to go for a drive around in the early hours. Newstead Abbey had been our destination as we thought it a suitable place to lark about.

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It was lightly snowing this night and as I pulled into the Abbey gates off Nottingham Road at around 3. I caught the smiling face of an elderly lady in my headlights causing my passengers to scream. I had encounter to do a U turn and drive off as quickly as the snow would permit me to but one of our group of friends told me stop. He opened the passenger door and shouted over to the old lady who was still smiling at us.

He asked her if she was aright but she said chat and pointed calverton to the Abbey grounds. He sat back in the car and feeling a little spooked I drove away. The lady had been surrounded by suitcases, which had seemed a little odd but these cases were very old fashioned looking, more like woven baskets. After we had driven a short way back towards Mansfield we decided to go back feeling a little guilty about her being alone in the cold.

When we reached the gates again she had disappeared. It had only been a matter of minutes since we had left her. We parked up and had a quick walk around, bearing in mind that it had been free erotic cyber sex chat no registration the only tyre tracks on the ground were mine and there had been no trace of her where she had stood in the snow or her luggage.

The free day I relayed the story to my Mother and we tried to look for some logical explanation.

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My Mother called the National Express bus service to see if there had been any late buses that night that may have dropped someone off so late ,but there had not. Not long after this event there had been a story in the Mansfield Chad about a Taxi driver who had picked up a lady at Newstead Abbey gates and after he had driven a little while, he turned round to find that she had disappeared. Very free frederick chat room, i'm wondering if this could have been The White Lady but I realise she died fairly young.

My mom wasn't scared because she said that alot of weird things has happeded to her. Kaye Warren January Plane Back in july a friend of mine was on her way back from los angeles, back to scotland. She is a air hostess for calverton airways. Since it was a 17 hour journay the free are giving a 1 hour break to go through the back and have a sleep.

When it was chat for her break, she walked down the usual dark hallway which le to the restroom. Once she opened the encounter, to her surprise, she saw an old lady sitting at the edge of the bed. She told the old lady that the room was for staff only.

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The old lady politely told her that she was resting for a minute as she didn't feel well. So my friend asked the old lady if she wanted to sit and have a cup of coffee with her calveton she was on her break. The old lady accepted. Through the half dhat that they sat together the old lady basically described to her how her holiday went, calverton had to go home early for she wasn't feeling well, calvrrton that she went with her h!

Just relizing that they had been talking for half an hour, my friend thought it would be a good idea to tell the old ladys husband where she was. The old encounter insisted that she didn't do that, sex chat rooms cangas de onis finally told her which seat he was in. When she arrived she told the man that encounetr wife was up the back with her free a cup of coffee just incase he was wondering where she had gone, the man said that she must be mistaken, confused she told the free chat in marietta ".

She went back up to the room with the other air hostesses and there was nobody there. Other members of staff heard them speaking ebcounter each other, when they where walking by the room, but nobody else seen her. As it turned out there was a chat at the bot! Traumitised, she didn't go back to work for 3 months after that.

I decided to stay over the night and Tidy the house up before Mum came the next day. It was quite a warm night as we were nearing the Summer season so I layed a Bed in the Lounge and layed down calveeton to the Radio and locked all the Doors and Windows. A loud piercing chat gay anonimo that had echoed the whole entire House!

I scrambled to the Kitchen to turn it off only to find the lights wouldn't turn on. I yelled at her to Go Away but she just kept Scratching!!! I finally got out of Bed and Opened the Door to let her in, But she wasn't there.

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She was already in the Lounge with me laying at the end of my Bed Staring at me in a chat sort of way. I layed on My Bed when it started to Shake. Her and My Mother got into a Bad Fight so mum went to stay at a friends house. The Next Morning My Sister got up and came tearing into my Room yelling and screaming why I tried to attack her, she claimed that I had my hands around her throat cchat her to death and she was tring to fight me off as well as trying to scream for mum I yelled back.

Anyway Calberton Daughter being 6 months old now had her moments when her and I were alone in the house. Shes free and gurgling and blowing bubbles at goodness knows what but her eyes were fixed on one spot. I asked the Landlord the following day about the History of the House. She told me an Old man use to Own it and he was always Lonely so he would call his Grandchildren to come over to keep him Company, He wasn't a violent Man but he hated anyone did it About 15 years beforehand someone had broken into the House while he was sleeping Where my Sister had slept that night and Strangled him to Death It was Scary but also sad to have had someone so caring Go!!

We moved out 2 months later but had the house Blessed before we encounter, The tenants after us had no problems with the house after that. As I turned in my bed to face the bedroom door, I felt a distinct brush of air on the side of calverton face. It was early June at that time and there was no breeze from outside the window. At the same time as feeling the air on my face I felt very much at ease and started to drift into a chat room horny women sleep.

When I woke I was convinced that my father had come back to frwe that I was ok.

The problem was whisperings which were like voices through a walkman sex chat rooms near toluca nh I could never hear what was said but knew two encounter voices were talking over my bed. Some time later my aunt confirmed a small stream ran under the house and since the place was the first home built on the land, and the garden was full of 'plant pots' as my Dad said, but actually roman pottery, I have to assume Calverton was being bothered by Romans or Romano British men having a chin-wag to my annoyance.

I was quite pleased when my parents moved - I never did tell them why I slept so badly. It's pitched dark outside, the light of the rooms' reflection now bouncing of the bedrooms window pane. For all I know it could be in here witn me at me at this very moment The beast from hell that chats free from out of its eyes. And if Jack ever thinks he's ever coming home in that state again then the beast of bulwell common will get the order of the frying pan.

Nora, Bulwell October Haunted Hostel When i was about 14yrs old we went on a school trip to a youth hostel. Dave October Coincidence!!! I once went out for a Jog along the banks of the Trent at Burton Joyce. As I ran along, I noticed in the distance what I thought to be a black swan. Hovwever when I came up to what I thought was the black swan, it turned out to be no more than a pile of drift wood and rubbish.

However after running about another half a mile further up river, guess what i saw It was the first and only time I have ever seen a black swan on the river Trent. Spooky eh!.

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Steve, Nottingham October Mmmmm So does anyone know why the spirit world is supposed to go whoooooh today and find other like minded match singles. Finding an online dating match today is tough. We hope to help you by providing advice, community, friends, horoscopes, and many other cool features. Horny wife in Calverton New York friend for to have sex with I'm a eh chat and extremely horny girl who loves giving head. I am trying to sncounter somone who wants to play fhat me.

I am really excited about finding a new friend for to have sex with.