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Create a chat queue on Omni-Channel, select your chat team, and get the Embedded Service code snippet to add chat to your website.

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Choose external access chat lesbo you want to communicate with users outside your organization ul are still on Skype for Business online or on premises or Skype coming in early External access is turned on by default in Teams, which means your org can communicate with all external domains.

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The Teams admin can turn it off or specify which domains to include or exclude. To learn more, read Manage external access. If you want external users to have access to teams and channels, guest access might be a better way to go.

Guest access Use guest access to add an individual user regardless of domain to a team, where they can chat, call, meet, and collaborate on organization files stored in SharePoint or OneDrive for Businessusing Microsoft or Office apps such chhat Word, Excel, rsvp message PowerPoint. A guest user can be given nearly all the same Teams capabilities as a native team member. To learn more, read Guest access in Teams.

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To communicate with a guest, the guest has to be ed in to Teams using their guest. We also turn on several things in the background during the setup flow. When Chat is enabled, Salesforce creates a default Chat configuration, which defines settings for your chat agents.

Service Channel for Chats Service channels let you choose which objects you want to route in Omni-Channel. We create a service channel for chats so your customers' chats can get to someone on your team.

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These users are also granted the necessary user permissions to chat with customers cbat the console. Presence Statuses Presence statuses are how users go online in Omni-Channel. The Chat status makes the user available to accept chats only.

Permission Set with Presence Statuses Ased to Users To make sure that your team has access to the presence statuses we create, we make a permission set that ass the presence statuses to the users you select in the setup flow. We also create a chat button, which is named based on what you name the group of users you as to the chat ip.

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These objects are used to connect Chat to Embedded Service. Embedded Service Deployment Your Embedded Service deployment uses your Chat deployment and chat button to provide a chat window that you embed in your website. We create an Embedded Service deployment with default settings and branding selection.