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About sharing image copyrightPA Media Prosecutors in teens chat rooms cases in England and Wales need to be aware of changing sexual behaviour in the digital age, when deciding if a case should go to court, new guidance says. The CPS says prosecutors must understand that many teenagers believe sexting is part of "everyday life". It follows criticism over record-low rape convictions in Sects and Wales. There has also been a big drop in cases being fime to court. The CPS says it has worked with victim support groups to produce this new guidance aimed at challenging long-held rape myths and stereotypes. It found such stereotypes are common, such as believing that wearing a short skirt is proof of implied consent to sex.

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alll For example, many teenagers believe that sending explicit photos or videos is part of everyday life. The latest statistics for rape convictions in England and Wales are due out on Thursday. The last quarterly figures in July showed convictions at an all-time low. In1, suspects in sexfs where a rape had been alleged were convicted of rape or another crime - in there were 2, convictions.

The of prosecutions also fell from 5, in to 2, in At the same time the CPS launched "a five-year blueprint" to reduce the gap meet sex chat reported cases of sexual violence and those which come to court.

Over the past five years, cases reported to police and initially recorded as rape have risen sharply to 59, but the making it to court in that time has more than halved. Rebecca's story In Rebecca began a relationship with a man who sests to her that he was a police officer. In reality he was a convicted criminal with a history of violence.

She discovered this after he threatened her with a knife, punched her, tried to break her hand and raped her. After the attack Rebecca says she xcupid chat some seemingly normal WhatsApp exchanges with her attacker because she was timd of him. She was told by CPS lawyers that because of this he would not be prosecuted.

Rebecca says she was left suicidal by her experience and she's unsure whether she would advise other complainants to come forward. She describes the timing of this new guidance - with rape convictions at a record low in England and Wales - as a whitewash.

In my view they are the problem," she says.