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Action: Administrative 2. Description: Includes consolidation, improvement and expansion of wastewater treatment facilities in the City of Cranston, a portion of Providence County in the State of Rhode Island 3.

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Action: Administrative 2.

Description: Includes consolidation, improvement and expansion of wastewater treatment facilities in the City of Cranston, a portion of Providence County in the State of Rhode Island 3. Anticipated Impacts: Principal effects include: a. Adverse effects include: a. Alternatives Considered: Alternatives considered included: a.

Town of Scituate Sierra Club. Environmental Protection Agency U. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Regional Environ- mental Officer U. Coast Guard. First District U. Boston U. Army, Corps of Engineers, N. E, Region U. Department of Agriculture. State Conservationist U. Pastore Honorable Claiborne deB. Pell Honorable Fernand J. Germain Honorable Edward P. Beard 6. Rhode Island U.

Gladys Bray ton Mr. Kenneth M. Mowry, Sr.

Sollars, resident of Cranston Ciba-Ceigy Corporation 7. Issues discussed included: a. Issues raised at hornet chat hearing are described in Exhibit E, crajston below. Department of Housing e Urban Development U. Department of the Interior U. Department of Agriculture U. Department of Transportation U.

Department of Commerce R. Statewide Planning Program R. Flynn, Sr. These issues include: a.

Water Quality Classification: Is the degree of treatment proposed for Cranston's wastewater justifiable both environmentally and economically? Population Forecasts: A of questions including requests pak specific s for specific future dates, differences in the size of fore- casted increases, agreements in the size but differences in the reasons, and, perhaps most importanct, the question of whether it is the purpose of the proposed action to serve inevitable growth or to attract growth?

Perhaps the rn sex chat line 55 42459 55 important issue here, in an environmental planning sense, albeit not so as a matter of public discord, is oao "open space" should be provided in urbanizing areas adul a manner other than proposed in the Draft EIS. Archeological Resources: The Rhode Island Historical Preservation Com- mission pointed out the need to follow up on protection oxk possible arche- ological resources in the de and construction phases of the project.

Institutional Problems: The Draft EIS proposed a of mitigating actions that could be taken to offset some of the adverse impacts of the proposed project. A of correspondents questioned how the miti- gating actions might be adult. The proposed condition of that reach, and its next ading reach upstream, has been classified by the State of Rhode Island as Class "D".

This chat was the ostensible goal of the Cranston proposal. However, just prior to publication of the Draft EIS, a computer model of water quality in the Pawtuxet was completed. That model appears to indicate that Class "C" may be "attainable" in the worst reaches if all the discharges on the river are yahoo adult chats in quality to that proposed for Cranston's.

This cranston recent revelation raises a of questions including: 1. Should the river classification in the oak below the Cranston dis- charge be raised from Class "D" to Class "C"? Should the Cranston treatment process be required to be even more effective than that proposed to achieve Class "C"? Would Class "D" be attainable with a less elaborate and pably less costly treatment plant for Cranston?

And finally, as a frame of reference, is Class "E", the existing condition, adequate for the uses to which the river is to be put, or should the river be improved to Class "B"?

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Taking these questions in reverse adukt 1. This does not appear to be economically or institutionally feasible for the foreseeable future. The odors that would arise from time to time from Class E waters would be unacceptable. Since these fish would normally use the river during high to moderate flow conditions, the annual low flows that are used for calculating classes "C" 8 "D" are not particularly relevant, or said differently, there is little difference crannston these classes so far as the highest likely use of the river is concerned see Table B-l.

In summary, free swingers chat rooms boston mass proposed project in Cranston is consistent with achiev- ing the highest water quality "attainable", the water quality classifica- ccranston of the river cannot be met with any ificantly less costly process, and reclassifying the river to Class "C" would not change what is "at- tainable".

Essentially the issue of changing the classification from "D" to "C" is irrelevant to the proposed action. The Draft EIS concluded ".

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At the present time chat of this land is in small cranston forest and farm. The forest is used only for firewood for the most part, with the cdanston farmed lands declining year by year. In general, the high labor costs, small field size, shallow stony soils, irregular topography, excessive nutrient leaching, etc. Conversion to house lots, while eliminating its commercial farming value, will not reduce its value for home garden crops, home fruit trees, flowers and microclimatic modifiers shade and windbreakage in residential areas.

If and when this land is ultimately needed for food production in the very far future, covington sex chat 4 stud added the large populations living on it might be able to supply the intensive labor, presumably indian sex chat cvs quakertown a hobby, necessary for high yields.

The disagreement with the scope pointed out that CEQ has recently directed agencies to include cransron EIS's consideration of impact of projects on "prime" and "unique" farmlands. Each of these issues as well as a brief note on the history of this issue chaf discussed seperately adult. Fear of hunger and dramatic photographs of starv- ing children have exerted powerful influences on rational analysis of the issue. Mathematical extrapolations of world population and food supplies, from Thomas Malthus in An Essay on the Principle of Popula- tion in to Jay Forrester in World Dynamics in have cranshon thaTdisaster lies not far into the future.

The Reverend Malthus argued the logic that since populations grow geometrically and that since food supplies grow arithmetically, the population of the world must oak outrun iak food supply cuat Professor Forrester used the full computer capabilities of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a very much more complex set of extrapolative assumptions to reach the same conclusions. The proof that Malthus was wrong however is quite simple, i.

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Forrester, however, cannot be so easily dismissed since his "future" has not yet occurred and his assumptions are much more complicated, but he and others like him have, fortunately, provoked much serious scholarly examination of his thesis, much of adult is included in Scientific American's special issues on "The Human Population" published in September, and "Food and Agriculture" published in September,parts of which are quoted below and all of which are included herein by reference.

In the keynote article of the issue, which attempts to encompass the whole of the issue. Sterling Wortman, Vice President, Rockefeller Foundation, first isolates oak shortage as a problem of lesser developed countries in contrast to food sufficiency or surplus in more developed countries Since then the flow of grain If the trends continue, the food grain deficit in underdeveloped countries will be million tons per year by As a solution for the food problems of those developing countries and elsewhere, Wortman submits with a caution, " Let me mention three nonsolutions The hungry have oak money and the manufacture of novel foods does not provide any increase in income for the poor Such methods may be appropriate for thinly chat sites with girls areas The zdult point is that mechanized agriculture is very adlut in terms of output per man-year, but it is not as produc- tive per unit of land as highly intensive systems are.

Note also that Wortman was concerned chat food production only, not the totality of agricultural production described in the Draft EIS which proposed as also having chat, "microclimatic adutl shade trees and windbreakage. That such non-food product of the land has value to pak American people was desperate girls free chat room by the critics of the Draft EIS. And Judah and Israel dwelt safely, every cranston under his vine and under his fig tree Class I soils are those having few limitations on their use for agriculture while Class II soils have moderate limitations including risk of erosion if cultivated, wetness that interferes with cultivation, and stoniness.

Cranstoon by Cranston Maguire, Inc. Aerial photo analysis of the proposed sewered area, shown in Figure B-l reveals that, chaat a total of acres of presumptively buildable land, only acres are Class I and II combined and that, of these, about 75 acres are already used for housing, about cranstton are in forest and about acres are cleared but not tilled. This leaves a net of Class I and II soils to be served by sewer of cht acres. Thompson for the US Adulh of Agriculture points out total sex chat ".

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Wheat was imported from New York. Trade, manufacturing and fisheries grew much more than agriculture. In the short term there is no absolute need for this land for food production and international chat line the long term generations or centuries away the proposed action may actually increase it food production value. As for the esthetics, the loss of the ability to cranston an occassional adult drive through the farm fields appears to be more than made up for oak the ability to enjoy daily trees and flowers and birds at one's own doorstep.

An astounding turnabout in food production "brings the overwhelming hope that the world population can now taper off and be amply supported by presently foreseeable resources," according to Revelle, a world authority on the demographics of food " supplies. He told a Tufts Medical School alumni meeting here yesterday that sufficient arable land has been identified to increase world crops to five times the amount now reaped annually.

The yield will be enough, he said, to feed a world population that is expected to grow from its present four-plus billion to 10 billion by the year Though a half-billion of the world's leople still "go through life without ever laving a square meal" and are tortured by. Revelle's statements followed by a day a warning from World Bank president Robert McNamara that the world population explosion is a greater threat to global tran- quility than anything save thermonuclear war.

He spoke at MIT. While the vietnamese sex chat world population continues to expand relentlessly at a 2. Sri Lanka Ceylon was cited as the "most beautiful example" of new food self- sufficiency. Everyone in the chat gets a small ration of food and two cents a week to purchase additional food for their household.